An Experimental research about the effect of Balinese Baris Modern Dance toward Physical Fitness and Health has been done with result as below (dr. Adiputra, on Seminar Kesehatan Olahraga, June, 2008):

  • Balinese Dance Movements reliable has an effect toward body composition. Body composition is body density, body fat, body weight without fat. By do regular dance movements continuously, its will give positive effect toward body composition. For example: by do Balinese Baris Modern Dance during 11 minutes three times a week during 8 weeks period can improve body composition. Body fat can decrease in percent and so it can decrease of body fat weight. The meaning that by enough dance exercises then the body fat will decrease, with the result that occur reducing of body weight that be caused by reducing fat weight.
  • Balinese Dance Movements has an effect toward body somatotipe. Body somatic type is the evaluation of body form becomes endomorphic type, mesomorphic type, and ectomorphic type. The basic of it’s assessment by measure the body fat, upper arm circle, calf circle, body weight, and body high. By use technical of somatotipe anthropometric Health Carter, then the value of somatotipe be gotten and at end the picture of somatogram can be done. By Balinese dance exercises regularly and continuously can improve somatotipe value. By Balinese Baris Modern Dance movements three times 50 minutes a week, during 8 weeks occur changing of somatotipe especially toward endomorphic. It means that the content of body fat reduces.
  • Balinese Dance Movements has an effect toward Cardio Respiratory System. Balinese Baris Modern Dance during 11 minutes increase heart beat from rest pulse beat. Average the increasing of heart beat more than 40 times per minute. The maximally of pulse beat average to 150 times per minute. It mean that burden activity of Balinese Dance be included severe. Average increasing of respiratory frequency per minute becomes 200% by do Balinese Baris Modern Dance. It means that by burden activity dance the Balinese Baris Modern, then body metabolism increase. So that then need of oxygen increase. That matter cause respiratory frequency per minute increase. Rest heart beat after 8 weeks do dance exercises so decrease accordance with reality from 79, 7 per minute become 70, 8 per minute. Then so with systolic blood pressure decrease from average 116, 5 mmHg become 109, 3 mmHg after 8 weeks dance exercises. Diastolic blood pressure decrease from average 75, 8 mmHg become 71, 3 mmHg. Maximal aerobic capacity so experience improvement as consequence of dance exercise. Before exercise average value of maximal aerobic capacity of 2, 75 liters per minute become 3, 15 liters per minute; that same with average value before dance exercise 51, 07 ml/kg/minute become 58, 90 ml/kg/minute after 8 weeks dance exercise. All of that change accordance with statistic has significant difference between values before exercise with value after exercise. It mean that dance exercise be able to repair parameter value of cardio respiratory system.
  • Balinese Dance Movements has an effect toward lipid profile reduction in blood. By Balinese Baris Modern Dance exercise regularly and continuously can reduce value of lipid profile in blood. Lipid profile includes of: Total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-C, LDL-C, Total cholesterol/HDL-C ratio, and LDL-C/HDL-C ratio.
  • Dance Movement has Psychological Effect. Dance effect toward psychological aspect had been reported more by west researcher, especially by use kind of west dance like as: aerobic, jazz, break-dance and others. Changes include of self believe sense, attitude develop and self genuine forming, responsible sense, life perception, time respect, more and more efficient of time use, appreciation toward daily activity, and face cheerful in life daily. That matter be supported by reality that by dance activity is identical with sport until all body homeostatic system be spurred pass through hypothalamic hypophyseal adrenal axis.
  • Dance Movement has an effect toward physical fitness. By Balinese Baris Modern Dance exercises accordance with regularly three times 50 minutes a week, during 8 weeks, then body freshness increase from moderate category become good value with intake value of oxygen average 36,0 ml/kg body weigh/minute become 60 ml/kg body weigh/minute. That mean by dance movement regularly can increase the physical fitness.
  • As the conclusions of that an experimental research were: physical fitness from moderate value become good value; body become more and more healthy with improvement on rest pulse beat, work pulse beat, blood pressure, body composition, body somatotipe, and body fat profile; Balinese Baris Modern Dance as reality not only for social-cultural dimensions, but so for health dimensions.


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