Folic Acid in Blood Supplementation Tablet for Pregnant Women

Folic Acid in Blood Supplement tabletFolic Acid which is also known as Vitamin B9 cannot be formed in the body but are needed for various bodily functions. Naturally folate folic acid is contained in the daily diet of vegetables, especially dark green leaves and fruits.

From a reliable source mentioned that the human body needs folate to synthesize DNA, repair DNA, and methylate DNA as well as acting as a cofactor in certain biological reactions. This is particularly important in helping the rapid cell division and growth, such as infancy and pregnancy. Children and adults both require folic acid to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent anemia.

Lack of folate in the diet can lead to deficiency of folate (folic levels normal individuals have about 500-20000 mg). Folate deficiency can cause many health problems, the most prominent is the occurrence of neural tube defects in embryonic development of the fetus.
Common symptoms of folate deficiency include diarrhea, macrocytic anemia with weakness or shortness of breath, nerve damage with weakness and limb numbness (peripheral neuropathy), pregnancy complications, mental confusion, forgetfulness or other cognitive impairment, mental depression, pain or swelling of the tongue, gastric ulcers, canker sores, headaches, heart palpitations, irritability, and behavioral disorders. Low levels of folate can also lead to accumulation of homocysteine, an interruption in DNA synthesis and repair, and this can lead to cancer development.

To prevent health problems that occur as a result of folic acid deficiency as above where the more prominent is the interference with the embryonic development of the fetus, especially in the growth and development of the brain which can cause congenital defects it is very important that all pregnant women be given folic acid supplements during pregnancy regular basis, in addition it is recommended to consume a nutritionally balanced diet.

Further on iron tablet available in health centers is an iron folate tablets containing 200 mg of ferrous sulphat exiccatus (iron) and 0.25 mg (250 mcg) of folic acid daily to suit the needs of normal pregnant women during the period of administration, given to prevent anemia during pregnancy, and folic acid contained therein as well as to prevent the occurrence of health problems mentioned above. Just iron tablet often given in health centers to be replaced again by private practitioners with other supplements that he better not necessarily better than iron tablet was given at the health center.

It is expected that all concerned to act more wisely so that the use of drugs / supplements more effective and efficient for pregnant women. The problem of side effects of nausea that occurs not too exaggerated now dependent motivations and goals as well as the route of administration / consumption of these supplements to be more adapted to the conditions of pregnant women are concerned.


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