Overview of Tuberculosis Lung Disease

Lung Tuberculosis

Pulmonary Tuberculosis (TB) is a  public health problem in the world, it is the third largest cause of death in Indonesia, and many suffered by productive working age groups and economically weak groups.

Pulmonary TB is a contagious disease, there are everywhere, can affect anyone, anytime. Causes of pulmonary TB disease is a germ / Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacillus is very small only visible with a tool microscope. The nature of the TB germ outside the human body in places which moist that it can live for many years. But it will quickly die when exposed to sunlight, exposed to fire or water boiling hot, exposed to soap, Lysol, carbolic acid or the like.

Symptoms or signs of pulmonary TB disease include: coughing long / continuous for more than 3 weeks (the primary), cough with phlegm or cough with bloody sputum; feel shortness of breath, pain or chest pain, heat or increased body temperature; lust food down and losing weight.

Transmission of tuberculosis disease can be directly, when the patient coughs or sneezes will be ejected spark / droplets inhaled into the lungs of others around it; can indirectly, where the patient coughs and phlegm throw a damp place, sputum containing bacilli / germ was dried and wind everywhere, and then inhaled by others.

Prevention of transmission of tuberculosis disease can be done in several ways:

  1. BCG immunization since the newborn, can be obtained at health centers, neighborhood health center, midwife / doctor private practice.
  2. Cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.
  3. Do not throw phlegm in any place, should a particular place, such as spittoons or cans filled with soap, or carbolic Lysol.
  4. Keep the sunshine and fresh air can enter sufficiently into the bedroom.
  5. Drying mattress and pillow, especially in the morning.
  6. Patients who are undergoing treatment should diligently and regularly so as not to transmit more germs.

Treatment of tuberculosis with drug OAT (Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs) is packed in a drug program package consisting of: Rifampicin, INH, Pyrazynamid and Etahambutol, with or without Streptomicin. Given away for free in health centers or designated service facilities.

Pulmonary TB disease can be cured by treatment (no break) regularly for 6 (six) months.


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