In US billions dollar of the beauty industries fertile grow continuously be triggered by wishing of consumer to be seen and feel younger for along time. There are some categories of the beauty industries but no more sensational be compared anti aging segment which include the products that can reduce or improve aging signs that show like as: wrinkle, fleck and black spot. Although the aging process naturally and can not be avoided, there are some factors such as sunlight radiation; physic and mechanic damage that speed tendency early aging.

On this time, increasing the explanation of human face toward chemical substance pollution, ultraviolet radiation and ozone level, all can damage dermis stratum that cause wrinkle and increase risk of dangerous skin cancer. That negative effect is supported by increasing low nutrient food and bed lifestyle behavior to guard natural improvement process of skin and antioxidant tissue. Clearly, there space for natural substances to help improvement skin health regulation long period through apply topically and giving nutrition.

Previously, beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) and vitamin E already be researched extensively. Focus on this time, however, already change to other carotene like as: astaxanthin (source from micro algae Haematococcus pluvialis), it show that astaxanthin has strong neutralize feature (quenching) and anti lipid peroxydatation; weakness of beta-carotene and vitamin E (Miki, 1999).

On human researched, astaxanthin show reducing aging signs consequence of ultraviolet by using topical and giving oral for 4-6 weeks. That data be supported by some research in vitro and on animal trial. Researcher advised using astaxanthin to give profit for skin to be able to guard young performance continuously, reduce early aging signs and prevent skin cancer consequence of ultraviolet radiation.

Activity mechanism of Astaxanthin (Asthin force ®) to guard skin health:

  • Return natural antioxidant balance of skin (SOD, CAT, and GSH).
  • Protect membrane cell toward lipid peroxydation.
  • Suppress inflammation stripe.
  • Protect dermis stratum toward change of stress oxidative function. It’s capable to improve collagen tissue cure process. Protect toward DNA damage accumulation.

Profit for skin:

  • Increase capability of skin to endure the loss skin nutrition by environment.

  • Reduce inflammation and erythematic.

  • Prevent and reduce wrinkle as consequence of ultraviolet ray. Make skin more elastic.

  • Increase the moisture of skin.

  • Reduce skin cancer risk.

Sources of Astaxanthin



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