There are some steps to therapy of Cervix cancer such as: operation, radiotherapy and anti cancer medicine. Therapy of Cervix cancer very is depended to stages of disease. In Dr. Sutomo General Hospital Surabaya is enforced therapy procedure like as bellow:

Stage 0 cases, conisation operating, or hysterectomy.

Stage IA-IIA cases, operating radical hysterectomy and radiotherapy or anti cancer medicine administrations.

Stage IIB cases, internal and external radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgical operation

Stage III cases, External radiotherapy

Stage IV cases, supportive and palliative therapy

By invention of anti cancer medicine at this time, apparently giving the bright hope for sufferer of cervix cancer although that medicine is enough expensive and has side effects which very difficult be received by public. As on the other of cancers, then the result of cervix cancer therapy is influenced by some factors, for examples: stage of disease, type of malignant cells, physic and psychological condition of patient, kind of treatment or therapy, and response toward the treatment.

The result of therapy that possible is experienced by sufferer of cervix cancer who is treated: Complete response, where the patients at certain period of time did not indicate the present of cancer symptom again in their body; Partial response, where it may be said that happened healing about 50 % of disease, with the result that the treatment must be continued permanently; No response, where there is not reaction of treatment; Progressive disease, where there is not reaction of treatment only and disease continue constantly.


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