Dental Care and Appearance Face

Teeth and SmileConditions and form of teeth is very influential in the appearance of the face is pretty or not. Imagine if we do not have teeth, it is not like a grandfather’s face or grandmothers, where both lips will resign his position. Similarly, if the position does not irregular teeth (there is a forward and backward or crowded) course will provide less of a pretty face or less handsome. Besides, the color is not white teeth will also reduce the sense of confidence. In an effort to beautify the appearance is often socially we do conversation with a ready smile. But because of the lack of good teeth often we feel uncomfortable when smiling, aka less confident.

There are several ways to improve the treatment of dental conditions, ranging from the use of teeth whitener, teeth cleaning and the use of coral braces.

The use of teeth whitener, teeth whitening is not part of routine maintenance, but for aesthetic reasons. To note that the white color produced by tooth whitening is not permanent. Also dental fillings and false teeth could not bleached with bleach teeth. American Dental Association teeth whitener divides into two, namely: first, bleach contains peroxide, which washes away the stain on the surface and the inside of the teeth; second is whitening toothpaste, which only washes away the stain on the surface of the tooth.

If you want to whiten your teeth, you should first consult with your dentist. Dentists need to look at problems that occur on the teeth. Is due to the stain, or black teeth due to the hole.  Or are there other causes. In addition can be done in the doctor’s surgery, we can live at home tooth whitening. However, the results achieved with the help of doctors would be more effective.

Cleaning tartar, tartar can also interfere with the beauty of your teeth. Thus, we should clean it regularly, every 6 months to 1 year. If not cleaned of plaque and tartar can cause gingivitis, or bleeding gums so often and swollen. Left untreated, this disorder can become periodontitis, namely damage to the alveolar bone around the teeth. This is what will make our teeth into rock, which eventually must be removed.

Use of braces, tooth position is not good, and the neat arrangement could not be improved with the use of braces. If we feel confident with the obvious wire when used, there are some better choices. For example, transparent colored braces, or mounted on the inside of the teeth, or Invisalign is made with special technology, so as not to be seen, very clear, and comfortable. Invisalign can only be done by a certified dentist.

Treatment with braces lasted between 1-2 years, depending on the case. Do not forget to wear your retainer or retaining teeth after the treatment, so that the teeth arrangements do not change again.


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