AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is constituting a spectrum manifestation of  disease which range from without symptom until deadly; be signed by severe immune deficiency, opportunistic infection, and cancer; appear on people who do not get immune suppressive therapy without other immune suppressive disease. AIDS be caused by HIV-1 virus and HIV-2 virus. These retroviruses caused progressive loss  of cell T helper (so be known as T4 lymphocyte or CD4+ lymphocyte) until it can cause progressive loss of immune competency  and opportunistic infection next time.

HIV can spread pass through exchange of infected body fluid i.e. blood and semen. The behavior of people with high risk of HIV infection i.e.:

  • Sexual intercourse without using protection with many sexual partner, partner with high risk (sex commercial worker, intravenous drug user), or infected partner.
  • Intravenous drug user, barter sexual intercourse with drug.
  • New born baby from mother who suffer HIV/AIDS. It can spread pass through placenta, blood of mother, vagina fluid, fetal membrane water, so it can pass through breast milk.

Perinatal spreading rate in uteri, in delivery,  or pass through breast milk giving is between 15 until 30%. Risk factor i.e.: continuous status of  mother’s disease. Low of  mother’s cell CD4+ account. Baby is contaminated of mother’s blood, fetal membrane broken longer, vitamin A deficiency on mother, and increasing of HIV quantity in mother’s blood while in delivery.

Breast milk giving is not suggested on mother with serum positive HIV. No evidence that engage insect vector in spreading of HIV/AIDS, so if live with a person who is infected by HIV.


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