Beauty salonKeeping Face to Face Beauty and Freshness is very important especially for women who want to always appear beautiful and ageless. Each phase a certain age, have a distinctive face apart. Similarly in the case of a treatment. Next will be described several ways the face of appropriate age phase that presumably can be followed, especially for women always want to appear beautiful and vivacious.

Peak growth occurs in the skin-an age of 20. At this time, all the skin components, such as epidermal, collagen, elastic tissue, blood vessel and grow so that the maximum skin texture looks fresh reddish color. The main problem in the haunt is usually only about oily and pimply skin caused by hormonal factors or treatments that are less precise. Perform light maintenance and regular every day, always clean the face with a cleanser that does not contain alcohol. Use a moisturizer that contains SPF 15 or higher, especially if you include women who are often active outside the room in a long time. Smear it 20 minutes prior to outdoor. Smear eye gel every night before bed. Enter also fruits, vegetables, and white water in your food menu. Contents the fiber and vitamins in fruits and vegetables help the process of natural regeneration of skin, while the white water is able to accelerate the expenditure toxic and superfluous fat in the body that causes a pustule. Conducting regular facial is a treatment that can be done as a precaution aging early. If your skin is not problematic with the pimple, this ritual is done once a month. For skin problems, facial do it two weeks. Elections cosmetics at the age of this can be more varied, different colors can be tested trappings. If it is not necessary, avoid the use of foundation and concealer too often. If necessary, use a water based (water based) in order to feel more light. Use foundation cause pore-pore clog so that drive the emergence whelk. As an alternative, just and mild moisturizer Lubricate spreading powder by pressed using the press-Puff. Select colors or transparent skin for the trappings that face look more fresh and shining.

Start age 30, signs aging already started happening. The process to get peeled of dead skin starts slowed, decreased collagen and elastic tissue, and the bag began to appear. In addition, the color uneven start, the skin feels drier and relief lines strung on the tip of the eyes and lips. This is because the main cause is hormone changes. Entering this age, you have to be more selective in choosing products and trappings face. Do all the daily care that you have with get more intensive again. Replace light products you normally use with the type of strength is more useful to avoid aging early. Do not forget always clean the face with a product that does not contain alcohol. Use a moisturizer for day and night on a regular basis (moisturizer contains anti screen of the afternoon sun, and night moisturizer that contains anti-aging to help skin regeneration).
Smear eye cream to moisten the eye so that the bag does not easily wrinkled or loose. Can try collagen facial twice a month in order to take optimal skin regeneration, or use a mask that serves to secure and maintain skin moisture. You can also try home Peeling (used in the home) for thin stains brown melanin as a result of damage to UV rays. Select a favorite sport and do you regularly 2-3 times a week. To trappings, do tricks face correction. Example: to disguise the black stain or fine wrinkling and eye bags that cover the visible start, smear the concealer thin and thin. Choose natural or pastel colors to appear natural. Use a little eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, and are highly recommended so that the face looks fresher. Next, the frame is thin lips with a pencil-thin in order to disguise the fine wrinkling around to appear on the lips, and then smear lipstick evenly on the lip.


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