CELL CAIf a woman has experience, suffer one or more of all symptoms like as: post coital bleeding, leucorrhoea / liquid smell, outside of cycle menstruation bleeding, post menopause bleeding and pain on pelvic area, she has to check her self to midwife or doctor. If a midwife or a doctor can not help to solve these problems patient will be referred to Gynecologist. Gynecologist will enforce some examinations to determine or establish the diagnosis of disease by detecting abnormal cells or malignancy cells on examinations, like as:
Pap smear / Pap test
This examination also be named Papanicolaou test which based to exam surface cells of uterus orifice that always be released. Then be taken by wood tool (spatula Ayre), the material that be gotten be smeared on glass object and be sent to laboratory to be seen if there are the abnormal cells or precisely already be detected malignancy cells. This procedure be known as “Early Detection” because although a woman do not indicate certain of symptoms yet but already able to be detected the present of abnormal cells early. This procedure can be enforced in Public Health Centre or hospital which be spread in all regions. That because, this procedure very beneficial to be enforced by mothers especially whose constitute in high risk class to be checked regularly Pap smear minimally once a year.
check Taking a little tissue of uterus orifice or cervix and then it is sent to laboratory.
Seeing the condition of uterus orifice by optic tool with certain enlargement to know more clearing and exactly the anomaly which be presented. So to enforce biopsy exactly on site which be suspected.
Taking a great half part of uterus orifice, especially to determine how many far the penetration of cancer disease. The result also is sent to laboratory.


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