Medicine with Double Protection for Gastric Hyperacidity

Product of medicine with double protection for gastric hyperacidity is the product with name:
Magard FA®
Famotidine-Ca Carbonate-Mg Hydroxide

It constitute the combination of Antasida and H2 Blocker work double by reduce gastric acid production and neutralize gastric acid, be proofed fastest to neutralize gastric pH, be proofed giving better response, be proofed to make fast work onset and free from heartburn sign longer.


Every it’s chewable tablets content:
Famotidine 10 mg,
Ca Carbonate 800 mg,
Mg Hydroxide 165 mg,


For reduce the symptoms that related with hyperacidity, i.e:
Gastric ulcerative
Duodenum ulcerative
Esophagi reflux
Esophagi ulcerative
Hyper secretion pathologist conditions


Adult and children ages above 12 years: twice one chewable tablet, be drunk an hour before meal.
Children under 12 years ages accordance with advice of physician

Warning and attentions:

Better not be drunk with medicine that has been interacted with Famotidine and antacide or can be drunken accordance with advice doctor.
Protrude does not use if you have trouble swallow.
Please consult to doctor if you have problem of renal function disorder, liver function disorder, heart function disorder, pregnancy and give suck, before use this medicine.
Not be supported to use for straight away more than 14 days, except above advice of physician.


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