Mental Health according to medical science understanding now is a condition that enable optimally of physical, intellectuality and emotional development of a person, and that development run harmonious with other person. Meaning of mental health is a person has harmonious characters and focus interest to all side in their life and in their interaction with other person.

To arrive to that condition need be enforced efforts, like as: mental health maintenance in growing and development of child; manage the balance of mental by adaptation of manpower placing harmonious with aptitude and competency; improve the place and situation of occupation; and enhance the mental health level of a person in their relation with family and community.

Mental Health service by physician or nurse toward the individual is giving psycho-pharmaca medicines if be needed by patient, and solve the problem which be sided by patient and family.

Healthy mental and illness mental understanding, according to social-culture pattern of a community are different, beside almost all of physical disease content mental side and with good mental health approach will has profit in solve all problem of sufferer.

Sufferer of Mental disorder is not always with abnormal behavior, often the disorder that be indicated only by complain base. By that because all of physician and nurse whose work in Public Health Center  must have basic knowledge about mental health.

Several of character that can be used as holding in examination a person who has healthy mental, as below:

  1. Has a quiet emotional, enough happy in their life and can interact by good with their children, family, and environment of live place or work place. Some time so can feel not happy, dispute, angry, but generally relative free from apprehensive about feeling, dislike feeling and anxiety feeling.
  2. Can maintain the balance of mental accordance with steady, i.e. enough resolute, full understanding, and can make decision, so has responsible.
  3. Has happy small child feeling, the meaning arrangement of living on small child period is very importance in development become adult. Some things importance have to be gotten in small child period are lovely, pity, praising, support, and healthy discipline.


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