Often excessive sweating on the palm of hands and sole of Feet

Hyperhidrosis on the palm of hands.Often, excessive sweating in the palm of hands and sole of feet are one of the manifestations hyperhidrosis (transpiration excessive). Hyperhidrosis that it is only occur locally in the hands and feet (the armpit), usually caused by emotional stimulation and / or temperature (sometimes emotional stimulation stronger stimulation than the temperature). Hyperhidrosis usually start arising when childhood or young adult period. Usually this often appears when we are experiencing stress (due to pressure of work or the exam). In addition to the influence of emotions and temperature, hyperhidrosis this type can be found on their drug of alcohol.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) that occur in general (the entire body) can be a clinical manifestation that can be found in some particular heart disease, but hyperhidrosis local (and only in the hands or feet) non-specific clinical manifestation of heart disease and tuberculosis. Hyperhidrosis happens in general is not a sign of heart disease and or tuberculosis, because often only a clinical manifestation is the companion, not a major clinical manifestation. Complaints that often be found in patients with heart disease or tuberculosis is shortness of breath (difficulty breathing) and chest pain. So, if only occur excessive sweating in both hands and both feet without complaint of shortness of breath, heart pulse, chest pain, coughing, or other complaints, it’s sign is not because of heart disease or tuberculosis.


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