Operations Services of Kataraks at Dawan I Public Health Center

In order to overcome impaired vision due to blind kataraks then on Thursday, April 7, 2011 at Dawan I Public Health Center performed surgery services kataraks by the team of RS. Sense Denpasar (Dr. Desi, SPM, Diah Ratna, GA. To Priyatni, Sri Yuniari, Udi Laksana, Yanti Kumalasari, NGH. Arta, Km. Suartana).The number of patients who had surgery kataraks blind as much as 5 people (two patients from the Region of Dawan I Public Health Center and three patients with a referral from the Region of Klungkung I Public Health Center).

It is expected that these activities can be carried out periodically within a certain time to help people who suffer from blind kataraks to regain her vision capability.

Thanks and appreciation to Team Denpasar Indera Hospital who have given attention and service to the community well Klungkung, especially people in the Region of Dawan I Public Health Center.


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