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Below will be present interlude photos from our collection about some tour objects and inn place in Bali Indonesia those are visited by tourism from whole world generally as recreation places. At first we apologize if our interlude photos collection inappropriate with what would you like.


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statue of Kandapat, semarapura, image2

And however so it will be completed with other photos collection (man, woman, girl or gadis and children) that can be collected. Those photos collection will we add next again.

View and enjoy photos collection as interlude at rest time after enforce daily activity can make suspense of thinking relaxed and help stress reduction.

Of because we think very importance everyone need view their photos collection while they have problem.


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a group of children make hand creativity in semarapura monument area.

It will carry out us to remember memory or experience especially related with their photos collection and back enjoy its.

It may be able to help cure some disease problem what be suffered by anyone.

Moreover at next time the interlude photos collection be completed with green plant images and or beautiful flower images that will add comfortable sensation if anyone view and enjoy its. For who suffer a disease problem will faster become quieter. It will help accelerate recovery a certain disease.


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jepun bali flower, image1


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So and so much, Thanks for your trusts.