Released head hair from excessive oil

Released head hair from excessive oilOften in our hair care problems hampered by an excessive accumulation of oil in the head, especially for those with oily skin types. To be free from the pile of hair oil is excessive in the head, the scalp and hair shaft should be cleaned regularly. Key so you can control the oil and excess sebum is not out of the proper selection of materials on the scalp. Some of the material that you can if at home to set the level of oil in the scalp such as: Salt, Baking Soda, Aloe vera and eucalyptus, apple vinegar and lemon and eggplant.

Salt, is the key to display a random hair like a girl sexy beach is a bit stiff hair. Salt makes dry your hair looks fuller, too sexy. To make yourself at home, mix one teaspoon of salt in 118 ml of water in a spray bottle. After washing and gives the hair conditioner, salt water sprays into the hair and let it dry to give the impression of the beach girls.

Baking soda, if your hair was drenched from products that make hair soft and sticky as it will not disappear, just use baking soda. Generally, you will be advised to wash with shampoo Clarifying, but baking soda is also good to remove oil in the scalp. Simply mix a little baking soda to the shampoo in the palm of your hand when going to wash. Then, wash gently and rinse.

Aloe vera and eucalyptus, are plants that refreshing and balancing oil in the scalp. Mix aloe vera sap, eucalyptus oil, and astringent, applied directly to the scalp. Scalp massage, then rinse after 30 minutes wrapped.

Apple vinegar and lemon, if your oily scalp, why not use a natural astringent apple vinegar and lemon. Way, mix ¼ cup balsamic vinegar with a squeeze of lemon. For more powerful, also enter the lemon zest into the mixture, and let stand for 10 minutes. Strain and discard the lemon peel before, then enter lavender ½ teaspoon and ½ teaspoon lemon essential oil. Apply on the scalp, and massage. Let stand for 20 minutes, rinse, continue with the shampoo and conditioner.

Eggplant, is a fact that eggplant not only can be used for food. Eggplant contains an enzyme that stimulates hair follicles without causing irritation. The hair will look more radiant and healthy. It’s Way: cut the eggplant and massage directly into the scalp, let stand a few moments, then shampoo as usual.


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