Arthritis Rheumatoid, inflammation of Body JointsRheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease on the body joints which is caused by autoimmune process that be signed by painful, rigidity, swelling and restriction of movements and function of some body joints. It usually be suffered by people who old group of 30 – 50 years.

Body joints rigidity on rheumatoid arthritis particularly appear at morning and able to continue 1 – 2 hours. Rigidity of the body joints for this long times relative constitute evidence diagnosis that enough specific because not all diseases of body joints disorder have that symptoms. Although the rheumatoid arthritis can attack many kind of body joints , but small joints on hand and foot have trend more be attacked by rheumatoid arthritis. Other symptoms that can follow rheumatoid arthritis i.e. loss energy, mild fever, loss appetite, drying eyes and mouth, rheumatoid nodule on elbow and hand. These symptoms different for every patient.

Knee joint anatomy picture schemeRheumatoid arthritis be caused by autoimmune process, where occur function disorder of certain cells on immune system which attack body joint.Inflammation process particularly occur on sinovium tissue of body joint which constitute the tissue that is layering the body joint. Inflammation cells that be resulted by immune cells will attack cartilage bone. Diagnosis of Rheumatoid arthritis be made by background of some symptoms and sign on physic and laboratories examination like as: warm of body joint, swelling, painful of joint, anemia, rheumatoid factor, and increasing of erythrocyte sediment.

Rheumatoid arthritis therapy purpose to minimize the symptoms and function disorder by giving early therapy before occur permanent damages. No one therapy effective for all peoples and some patients need change therapy method during pathogenesis of disease. Generally the patient of rheumatoid arthritis be given medicine that can reduce pain sensation like as acetaminofen (paracetamol). Now be recognized medicine of rheumatoid arthritis that is not only work symptomatic, but it can block bad progress of disease too.

To reduce joint inflammation progress, the first therapy usually include of analgesic be followed medicine of anti inflammation non steroid (AINS) like as ibuprofen, naproxen, celecoxib and others. As addition so be given corticosteroid like as prednison, low dosage per oral or on joint injection. Patient with persistent swollen usually be given medicine by Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatic Drugs (DMARDs), it often be used with together AINS and or low dosage of corticosteroid. DMARDs can give biggest correction toward symptoms, function and correction of life quality of patient with rheumatoid arthritis. Which be included of DMARDs i.e. methotrexate, leflunomide, sulfasalazine, azathionprine and cyclosporine.


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