Seminar on “Management of Medical Emergency” Organized by IMA Branch of Klungkung

On Friday, November 11, 2011 in Hall Klungkung Hospital has been held Seminar “Management of Medical Emergency” which was held in commemoration of 61st anniversary of IMA and Warning 47th National Health Day,Year 2011 in the District of Klungkung. Seminar attended by about 100 participants with 10 speakers / resource persons both from the IMA Region Bali and speakers from specialist hospitals Klungkung.

Seminar begins with the Opening Ceremony, beginning with the Report of Chairman of the Committee, who said that the purpose of the seminar with the theme “Management of Medical Emergency” refers to: Improve or refresh your knowledge and skills for Medical and Paramedical personnel to be able to provide emergency relief to the action “Live Saving “in accordance with the norms and rules contained in the Professional Ethics / Medical Code Ethics, both at the task at government health institutions, private as well as in private practice.

Then proceed with the Speech from the Chairman of the IMA Region Bali as well as officially opening the event Seminar “Management of Medical Emergency” which suppresses the importance of each of the seminar shall include the materials on the Code of Medical Ethics as enlightenment to peer physicians in their profession.

Finish Opening Ceremony followed by a seminar event which is divided into 3 (three) sessions with 3 (three) speakers at each session plus one (1) Special Session with the Medical Code Ethics matter with the speaker of the IMA Region Bali (Prof. Suwitra).


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