Toxoplasmosis disease be treated with pirimetamin and sulfadiazin combination. Both of these medicine can pass through blood brain barrier. Toxoplasma parasite need vitamin B for life. Pirimetamin hamper the getting of vitamin B by Toxoplasma and Sulfadiazin hamper the using of vitamin B by Toxoplasma. Normal dose of these medicines are 50-75 mg pirimetamin and 2-5 g sulfadiazin per day. Both of these medicines disturb supplying of vitamin B and can cause anemia. Of that because be suggested that during the using of these medicines you should do laboratory examination periodically. People who with Toxoplasmosis usually use Calcium Folinat ( a kind of vitamin B ) to prevent anemia. The combination of these medicines very effective toward Toxoplasma. More than 80% peoples show improvement in 2-3 weeks.
Toxoplasmosis usually relapse after the first incident. people who have recovered from toxoplasmosis should use anti toxoplasmosis medicines with lower maintenance doses. Thus, the people with Toxoplasmosis better begin antiretroviral therapy early, and if CD4 up to 200 more than six weeks, therapy toxoplasmosis has finished and there are not sign of toxoplasmosis again, maintenance therapy of toxoplasmosis can be finished.
Many tips of prevention of toxoplasmosis, generally and during pregnancy :

  • Better if planning the pregnancy, you should consult to doctor to enforce toxoplasmosis test examination before pregnancy. The aim of this action is if you have positive toxoplasmosis infection, then can be enforced optimal therapy before begin in your pregnancy.
  • Avoid eat the food that uncooked or half baked.
  • Clean and wash better fruits or vegetables before be eaten.
  • Clean and wash hand, kitchen tools which be used to manage uncooked meat. This to prevent contamination with other foods.
  • Don’t drink unpasteurized milk of animal.
  • If clean trash or trash spot, don’t forget use hand sheath, and wash the hand, or give please this task to other family member while you in pregnancy condition.
  • Use hand sheath if you want to work in the garden or home yard to avoid direct contact from infected feces of animal.
  • If you have a planning that you will make pregnancy or if you in pregnant condition, better don’t take care of cat during pregnancy.

Usually the cat which be taken care at home that is not given uncooked meat, and it is not catching bird or rat, it is not infected.

Suggestion :

If you suspicious that you are suffering like the symptom of Toxoplasmosis, be suggested to you in order to consult with your trust physician.


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